How to configure and run a Cloud Flow in a Model-driven app

In this blog post l will  be writing about how to to trigger multiple/single emails for opportunities in Dynamics 365 CE using Microsoft Power Automate and then Updating the Opportunity row (Record) Status. I will go through steps to create the Cloud Flow in Microsoft Power Automate and show how to run the Cloud flow in Dynamics 365 CE.

To get started you will need to do the following

1. Navigate to Power Automate as shown Below:

2. Select Solutions > Cloud Flow *Note that, it is advisable to create this within a Solution

3 Select your connector  Common Data Service > trigger When a record is selected

 4. Select Environment Default > Entity Name Opportunities

5. Select Table  > Accounts >  Row ID  > Account

6. Now you need to configure the step to send an email and put some text in the email body. Use Dynamic content in To  > Email In Subject use Dynamic Content > Topic  In the body write your text and put the name of the opportunity using Dynamic Content  > Topic so the recipient is aware of the title of the opportunity.
7. Now you need to Update Row (record). In Table Name select > Opportunities and in Row ID, Use Dynamic content > Opportunity

Status Values required to change the Status of the Opportunities will need to be set here Status > Open Status Reason > In Progress

Test It Out

8. Now you have done the set up, Its time to test it out by navigating to Opportunities and select one or multiple and select Flow and Click on the Flow created from step 2

9. Once prompted you will need to select Run Flow to start the flow

10. After the confirmation the flow has started you can select Done to close the below:

11. Once the Flow has started running and ran successfully validate the email is being received and from our scope above the email was received as shown below:

12. Validate in Dynamics 365 CE that the selected opportunity record has updated the status to In Progress as below
Enjoy Automating processes


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