How to Assign a Security role to a Model-driven app

Following questions from the Microsoft Power Platform Community Africa colleagues on how to assign a custom security role to a model driven App? I decided to write something to help.

In this blog post l will go through steps of assigning a custom security role to a model drivel app. So to start off we have created a custom model-driven app called Microsoft Power Platform Community Africa and also created custom security role named Microsoft Power Platform Community Africa role, therefore users assigned or have this security role can only access the custom Microsoft Power Platform Community Africa App.

To assign a security role to the model driven app, do the following:

1. Sign in to PowerApps:

2. Navigate to Apps as shown below

3. Select your model-driven app, click on more commands(

4. After selecting commands stated in step 3 now click Share.

5. At this point Select your App in this example its Microsoft Power Platform Community Africa 

6. Select security roles under Manage security roles and put a check box on the Microsoft Power Platform Community Africa security role which will be under custom roles.

7. Click on Share as highlighted below

8. At this point your model driven app will be shared successfully.

9. You can go a step further to validate if any users in your environment have the assigned security role stated in this example (Microsoft Power Platform Community Africa) As shown below we are able to validate a user with this role by selecting their name and checking if they have the above  mentioned custom role which will allow them to access the app. 


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