How To Set Up AI Builder,Business Card Reader in Model Driven Apps

In this blog post l am going to write about one of many of my favourite features which Microsoft brought to model driven apps in recent times, AI Builder is designed to help their customers to easily automate processes and predict outcomes to help improve business performance. With a few simple steps here is how you can set up this out of the box functionality to leverage the AI Business Card Reader functionality

1. Navigate and login into your Dynamics 365 online instance , Open Advanced Settings then Select Customization and click on Customize the system. 

2. A New Customization window will open. In this case configure the Business Card Reader for the Contact Table (previously known as Entity) by Opening the Contact Table Form.

3. Create a new column (previously known as a Field) with data type as Single Line Text. Add this column on to the table, then open Field Properties windows.

4. Click on Controls Tab .Select AI Builder Business Card Control.

5.Once Selected, Map the Control Properties to required Contact Tables as shown below:  

6.Select OK , then Save & Publish changes.  

7. Now you are good to go , Navigate to Contacts on the user interface, Click on Create a new Contact. You will now see the Card Reader Control will now available on your table as below:

8. Click on Card Reader Control & browse the Business card. Once Business Card is selected and processed, it will auto populate the data in the mapped fields earlier of the Contact Table . Click on Save.

Note: For limitations and updates  always check check this:


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