Users Unable to See Flow Button and run On Demand workflows in Dynamics 365 CE


Dynamics 365 CE provides functionality to automate business processes in the background or on a click of a button requiring a user to initiate this automation. In this blog post the scenario is focused on an issue a user may experience while using dynamics 365 CE on automation which is initiated by a user looking to use an On Demand. This automation triggered by a user is called an on-demand workflow.


When a user goes into Dynamics 365,  they are unable to see or run a workflow/flow which may have been created. So how do you resolve this issue?

Steps to Resolve

System Settings

1.a) Login into the Power Platform Admin center ( Select your Environment name > Settings > Behavior. At this point validate that the "Show Power Automate on forms and in the site map" is toggled 

1. b) Validate that the setting, you will need to navigate to Settings > Administration>System Settings > Customizations. Next, ensure that "Yes" under "Enable Microsoft Flow" please note that this setting is set to the "Yes" by default and can not be changed

Now you have validated this, go to the next step

Security Role

1. Ensure the user security role has the correct permissions by navigating to Settings > Security > Security Roles then open the base user security role then under the Customization tab validate the use has Execute Workflow Job and Run Flows permissions


Once you have checked and validated the above the user will be able to see and run the on demand Workflow / flow you would have created.

Now you have resolved your issue you can also check more information on workflows here:


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