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Considerations MS Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise

Deployment Options Normally there are two choices – CRM Online or CRM On-Premise. CRM Online is hosted in Microsoft’s cloud and is a completely rapidly deployed solution. CRM On-Premise allows/requires you to deploy and setup the servers and applications yourself. There is a third option, Partner Hosted, which is essentially CRM On-Premise running on a Microsoft partners servers. Infrastructure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Microsoft has physical and environmental security within the data centers, like Multi-Factor Authentication, Perimeter Security, Locked Racks and extensive video monitoring. MS skilled staff provides local technical support to all the data centers. MS Online has provided with a self-healing process through an automation workflow for quick resolution which needs no human intervention. Microsoft Operation Centers provide 24/7 monitoring and system alerts to catch issues in which self-healing has not resolved and then escalated to a Service Engineer to reso