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How to sign up to a Dynamics 365 Trial

In recent months l have had a few colleagues from different business areas keen on how they can set-up a trial instance of Dynamics 365 to learn and understand the ever evolving business applications. So l have put a quick guide below to help. The trials sign up for Dynamics 365 is something that has been ever changing over the last few years as the product has changed, Dynamics365 has matured and the Microsoft product team has worked to improve the process on enabling customers,partners and individual users in . The question is always what is the best way to start a new Dynamics 365 trial in a new tenant when you want a standalone instance for a educational purpose,showcasing the solution to a customer and development purposes? Go to Currently, there are 9 different App trials you can sign up for and valid for 30 Days: 1.Sales 2.Customer Service 3.Field Service 4.Project Service Automation 5.Finance and Automation 6.Business C