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Why is change management so important?

Change management is central to achieving operational effectiveness throughout the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process. According to Prosci, change management is the "application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome". Research by the organisation has found that projects with excellent change management effectiveness are six times more likely to meet or exceed their objectives. Moreover, people will feel more engaged in the whole process if change management is used, as it gets them to work collectively towards a common objective and deliver impressive results. What are the benefits of change management? The beauty of change management is that it provides instructional scaffolding for an organisation and its staff. This can help to promote a deeper level of understanding, as people are forced to carry out their functions within this framework. Among the other benefits are: It lets organi

How Consultancies Can Avoid Making a Bad Impression with Project-Based Invoicing

In recent years working with consultancies from different sectors there are some gaps which consultancies ought to correct in terms of building a long lasting relationship with clients and INVOICING is a key element of that. As a consulting company, your job is to help your clients to be more efficient. But if your own team does not appear to be efficient, why would anyone hire you? The invoices you send to your customers are a reflection of your company’s internal efficiencies.. Your invoicing process can leave either a positive or negative impression. After all, no one likes paying bills, so let’s eliminate as many pain points as possible. Here are some invoicing tips that will greatly add to your bottom line. 1) Late “catch-up” billing When project consultants do not complete their timesheets promptly and accurately, customer billing is delayed.  A big wave of “catch-up” time entry results in the customer being invoiced for a large amount all at once. This can raise some re