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Panic Everywhere,Will GDPR Disrupt Analytics?

I am a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Solutions Expert.I am not a lawyer/GDPR Advocate so l am not making conclusions but pointing out key implications of GDPR General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into force on 25 May 2018. It has been a topic of considerable interest recently, and particularly its likely effect on individual sectors or business areas such as marketing and sales. Software manufacturers and consulting companies have been developing and launching solutions and approaches to help businesses better meet the new regulatory requirements. But now that the initial excitement has died down and the uncertainty is over, many companies are starting to realise that the GDPR offers new opportunities to rethink and improve existing practices related to personal data. GDPR is designed to prepare European companies for the safe handling of personal data in the digital age, and also strengthen the rights of citizens in relation to their personal data. Roughly speaking, i

Mistakes Companies Are Making In Preparation For GDPR

I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified Solutions Expert. and writing these common mistakes l have noted in the past 12 months so everyone can consider these when planning for GDPR so you do not get caught out when preparing for GDPR so in writing these does not mean l am a GDPR Expert or a GDPR Officer this post is designed to help you look at your considerations carefully when preparing for GDPR. l have noticed with several organisations and believe me there is a lot of panic out there to meet the compliance standards, so keep in mind that errors will likely be made without a doubt.Speaking to fellow experts in Europe and in the United States, I was able to gather some of the more common GDPR preparation mistakes. Thinking GDPR doesn’t apply to your organisation After a few visits to the United States in the past 12 months this the single biggest mistake most American companies are making about GDPR. They believe that because they are headquartered and primarily based in the Uni