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GDPR in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Why Data Quality?

Key Actions: Ensure your data is correct – this is broad but needs huge consideration. Standardise records as much as possible, ensure the spelling is correct, dropdowns are used when possible. Duplicates – deduplication and merging. Duplications of data can cause huge problems when it comes to GDPR as the consent may differ on both the personal records.  These need to be captured and corrected as soon as possible.  Merging records in CRM solutions can be achieved by clicking the wizard buttons but does need some input. Identify and deactivate old records . Within the new GDPR law is the “right to be forgotten”.  The ICO outlines 6 different scenarios but for this purpose, we can focus on “Where the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected/processed.”  Please also see the timescales the ICO refers to of keeping hold of information. Validation – ensures that data is correct by checking addresses and phone numbers. Aga

Advanced Find in Dynamics 365

As we all know, there cannot be any application without data. The Dynamics 365 database is stored on the SQL server. As the volume of records increases, it becomes extremely difficult to search through records using Dynamics 365 with the application’s basic search function. A major question now arises: is it possible to filter and search through the application’s data quickly, without having to resort to running SQL queries on the database server? This is where the Advanced Find tool comes to the rescue. What Is Advanced Find? Advanced Find is a powerful feature in Dynamics 365 that can be used easily by literally any user without SQL query knowledge; it is particularly helpful when there is a need to narrow down results to the minimum, based on the specified filter criteria. Depending on who is using Advanced Find, it can be either a simple tool for searching records or a great means to achieve much more in Dynamics 365. Benefits of Advanced Find to Users To an experience