What Are Microsoft Doing About GDPR? (Cloud Solutions)

Microsoft has extensive expertise in protecting data, championing privacy, and complying with complex regulations. Microsoft believes that GDPR is an important step forward for clarifying and enabling individual privacy rights, and wants to help all its customers to focus on the core business while efficiently preparing for the GDPR.

What are Microsoft doing?

Microsoft designed Dynamics 365 with industry-leading security measures and privacy policies to safeguard/protect your data in the cloud, including the categories of personal data identified by the GDPR. Dynamics 365 can help you on your journey to reducing risks and achieving compliance with the GDPR.

Controlling who has access to personal data is a key to securing that data, and data security is a critical requirement of the GDPR. Dynamics 365 enables you to manage and control access to your data in several ways:

Role-based security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows its customers to group together a set of privileges that limit the tasks that can be performed by a given user. This is an important capability, especially when people change roles within an organization.
Record-based security in Dynamics 365 allows Microsoft customers to restrict access to specific records.
Field-level security in Dynamics 365 allows  Microsoft customers to restrict access to specific high-impact fields, such as personally identifiable information.
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) helps  Microsoft customers protect Dynamics 365 from unauthorized access by simplifying the management of users and groups and allowing you to assign and revoke privileges easily. Azure AD includes tools such as Multi-Factor Authentication for highly-secure sign-in.
Additionally, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management helps you reduce risks associated with administrative privileges through access control, management, and reporting.
Another core requirement of the GDPR is to protect the personal data that you control or process. Dynamics 365 is designed to optimise the security of your data:

Security Development Lifecycle is a mandatory Microsoft process that embeds security requirements into every phase of the development process. Dynamics 365 is built using the Security Development Lifecycle.
Encryption in transit between your users’ devices and our data centers, as well as while at rest in a Microsoft database, helps protect your Dynamics 365 data at all times.

Meeting compliance with GDPR will cost time and money for most organisations, though it may be a smoother transition for those who are operating in a well-architected cloud services model and have an effective data governance program in place

In writing on GDPR does not mean l am GDPR lawyer or Expert but look to ensure we all aware of implications of GDPR to our organisations and what can be done to put the correct processes in place if you have any questions or require help to accelerate your GDPR journey feel free to reach out on : achandiwana@hotmail.co.uk


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