What is this CRM Diagnostic tool?

This is a tool generated internally to help you isolate an issue you may have with your system and in the event you raise a support case with Microsoft for a quick prompt resolution l would recommend providing this information

Why run the diagnostic tool?

The tool will help speed up the process of data collection and identifying issues.

What is the point in collecting Diagnostic Tool Logs?

If you are compentent in reading these logs by all means do so but if not raise a support case with Microsoft and share all of the data that has been collected when running the diagnostic tool. This will help Microsoft compare their findings against a list of known issues, configuration issues, and other problem areas. If turns out that these are logged on their database, this will be flagged to the engineer assisting and can potentially resolve the issue much faster than investing a lot of time a lot of time try different things. By using the diagnostic to collect the information, this can reduce the number of back and forth communications asking for additional details about your system/configuration which happens all the time when you raise a support request with Microsoft as they will need to understand you system configuration and collect addition information. This tool is very important in this process because it can eliminate any possible misundastanding about what information is being requested by running the diagnostic utility to automatically recover the information instead of having to search the computer for the relevant information. This also helps eliminate several troubleshooting paths and can additionally check the health of other areas of your environment where the engineer may provide you with proactive measures.

What is captured in these diagnostics?

The list of what is captured the diagnostic can be very wide ranging in each and every diagnostic. The Key thing is that they focus on gathering key details which will help you troubleshoot and identify issues efficiently and some information such as can be priceless:

Third party add-ins
Plugin information
Windows Services and Process Information
CRM website settings
Installed applications and version information
Installed Hotfix and Update Rollup information for the relevant applications
Various registry key settings
IE Settings
Event Viewer Logs
CRM Server or CRM Client trace files
Operating System hardware and software details
This list can be endless.

What diagnostics are there?

IIS Memory Dump Collector
Claims Based Authentication /AD FS /  IFD Collector
CRM Server Platform Trace Collector
Server Baseline Collector
Client for Outlook Collector
Client for Outlook Configuration Collector
Client Performance Collector

How Do l download the Diagnostic Tool?



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