Understand Network Performance for Dynamics365 (On-Premise/Online) Diagnostics Tool

Network performance is a key factor to understand better on how Dynamics365 Application performs responds and user experience.For several years now l hear from users located remotely in different regions complaining that the Dynamics365 application is loading slowly. There could be several other reasons, there are several methods to test network performance. CRM by default offers this diagnostics tool since back in the day of CRM 4 to check Dynamics365 application performance. This diagnostic tool helps produces a simple yet useful report on bandwidth, latency and JavaScript rending performance.

This diagnostic page will issue series of pings from client (User machine) to server (Dynamics365) and transfer several batches of data. Based on this data it will provide the latency in milliseconds and max transfer speed achieved. This is a quick and easy to identify the network performance without having to install any tools on client or server. It helps us to gather some baseline performance from various locations and determine expected response times based on the users bandwidth and latency. This should be considered for CRM environment planning to provide best user experience.

So how to interpret this report, referencing on Microsoft documentation Optimizing and Maintaining Client Performance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online it mentions that CRM is designed to work with latency under 150 milliseconds. Although this document states Dynamics CRM 2011 I can confirm that this document is also still valid for Dynamics365 Installations.

How Do l use the Diagnostic Tool?

To use the diagnostics page you  simply browse to the page by using the URL http://<YourCRMServerURL>/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx
Click the Run button to start the tests. This page is available for both CRM Online and OnPremise.


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