Dynamics365 Online Data Centre Locations

During my years working with Dynamics Online Installations there has been questions asked by different clients in regards to the numbers in the URL and where their data is stored? This mainly signifies the location of the data centre where your data is stored and here is a list of the current Dynamics 365 Online regions:

North America (crm.dynamics.com)
South America (crm2.dynamics.com)
Canada (crm3.dynamics.com)
EMEA (crm4.dynamics.com)
APAC (crm5.dynamics.com)
Australia (crm6.dynamics.com)
Japan (crm7.dynamics.com)
India (crm8.dynamics.com)
North America 2-for Government (crm9.dynamics.com)
United Kingdom (crm11.dynamics.com)
Microsoft Cloud Germany (crm.microsoftdynamics.de)

As Microsoft's Cloud offerings grows l highly recommend you keep checking the folowing Microsoft site for more up to date information as more data centres are for sure to be used:



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