GDPR Consent Good Practice for CRM systems

One of the biggest changes for organisations, when GDPR comes into place, is the double opt-in.  All leads, prospects, suspects, AND customers must be double opted-in.  AND the double opt-in must be provable. How Do you prove?

Start warming up your leads asking for consent using double opt-in. Any leads that have consented to receive marketing material using soft opt-in will no longer be viable.  They all need to be double opted-in.
Get in touch with your customers asking for consent – ensure it’s provable.
Ensure your invoices and contracts include the double opt-in and a link to your privacy policy.
Set in place a process of how new contacts visiting your website will be captured with double opt-in for further marketing communications. The contact form will need to take them to a confirmation page where they can give their consent and then you will need to prove who they are as well by sending a further email with the consent.  Hinge it to the email address.
Pull together a strong opt-in message. Getting the message right is crucial.
One key consideration for GDPR is cold calling. It is crucial that email and SMS marketing channels are opt-in.  Post, fax, and calling are all opt-out.


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