Dynamics 365 Feature Deprecation

I am of the view that we should all be aware that the following is a list of features that Microsoft are in a process of deprecating in the new releases of Dynamics 365.  What does Microsoft mean when they say ‘deprecated’? It means they will continue to work and be fully supported. Until that, thats when it is removed from a future releases. It won’t be done over night but a phased removal. It can take years for this to take place.

What should you do?

Start thinking how you will replace them during an upgrade.

1. Dynamics 365 for Outlook (Outlook client) – switch to the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook
2. Service scheduling in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service – use service scheduling in the new Unified Resource Scheduling solution which is included in Dynamics 365 for Field Service.
3. Dialogs – will be replaced by mobile task flows and business process flows.
4. Project Service Finder app – you will use a feature coming out in a future release of the Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation application
5. Contracts, Contract Line Items, and Contract Templates entities – use the new Entitlements in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
7. Usage of Parature knowledgebase as the Dynamics 365 knowledge management solution – use the Knowledge Solution in Dynamics 365.
8. Standard SLAs in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service – use Enhanced SLAs
Relationship Roles – use Connection Roles
9. Mail Merge is deprecated – use Word and Excel Templates
10. Announcements are deprecated
11. Ready-to-use business processes available through Add Ready to Use Business Processes setting – look for them in AppSource and not in Settings.
12. Silverlight (XAP) web resource – use Custom Control Framework or HTML web resources with HTML5
I would highly recommend reading the detailed documentation from Microsoft on Important changes coming in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement? (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/get-started/whats-new/customer-engagement/important-changes-coming#some-client-apis-are-deprecated)


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