Bug in business process flows created before December 2016 update (CRM v8.2)

Microsoft has introduced some really nice features with Dynamics 365 (CRM v8.2), but also a bug for business process flows of existing customers created before the December 2016 update. This causes an error message on switching to another business process flow or the completely disappearance of the business process flows from the form.
In separate post l have already blogged on a method to identify and resolve the issue, but from my point of view it is not cloud suitable and not supported for cloud solutions,because these are changes made directly on the database which you wont access to on a cloud solution.
With the new features came also new fields in the system. Unfortunately they haven’t been filled during the update for already existing business process flows. One of them is the required field “unique name” of the “workflow” entity. You can even see it when open the details pane of the new business process flow editor.

You can use a simple query in the advanced find to identify concerned business process flows.
Is just as easy as the identification. Deactivate your business process flow and the system will fill the name automatically and you can activate it again immediately. No code, no sql, just magic but this may not resolve all issues for an on prem solution which mean the database update will help.


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