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If you currently work within the IT industry/department, then I would be very surprised on what you are actually doing if you have not yet come across GDPR or  you should be already in the process of assessing what your organisation/Business needs to do to prepare for GDPR. In short, GDPR takes over existing data protection legislation within EU countries on May 25th 2018 (for the UK, this will be the Data Protection Act 1998). GDPR brings data protection guidelines firmly into the 21st century and provides a framework for organisations to apply the appropriate steps to protect individuals data. Whilst there is much within the updated guidelines that remain unchanged, there is additional emphasis towards organisations implementing the appropriate levels of security (both physical and technical), applying regular auditing processes and documentation of processes to protect against a possible data breach. For any IT professional, one of the overriding questions you should be starting to


I am a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Solutions Expert. and writting these considerations for everyone to review their planning of GDPR so in writting these does not mean l am a GDPR Expert or a GDPR Officer these posts are designed to help you look at your considerations carefully when preparing for GDPR. In This article l take a closer look at the practical implications the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has upon organisations/businesses in Europe and Businesses/Organisations holding Data belonging to European residents and some of the ways Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 for Enterprise (CRM/D365E) can assist you as part of the transition. Field Security and Field Security Profiles can be utilised to protect sensitive data categories, complementing any existing security model you may have in place. In this week’s post, we are going to discuss the concepts that will enable you to utilise CRM’s/D365E’s security features to their fullest extent, as well as how this can be documen

Fatal Error while installing CRM updates in Dynamics 365 On A Back End Servers

I observed this fatal error while installing the update 2.1 for Dynamics 365 On Premise. The environment was a load balanced one with 2 Front End Servers, 2 Back End Servers, 1 SSRS Server and 1 SQL Server. The upgrade was attempted to be carried out in place, by just running the executable downloaded from the Microsoft official link. The Front End Server upgrades worked just fine and so did the SSRS Servers, but the Back End Ones kept failing  with a Fatal Error. This error, however, did not popup when we attempted to upgrade from Dynamics 365 to 8.1 and 8.2 respectively. They were carried out in the exact same way as Update 2.1 (8.2.1). The Environment & Issue The Front End Servers were running the Web Application Server, Organization Web Service, Discovery Web Service, Help Server and the Deployment Web Service. The Back End Servers were running the Asynchronous Processing Service, Email Integration Service, Sandbox Processing Service, Deployment Tools and VSS Writer Ser

Managing Dynamics CRM Data Retention Policy With Bulk Record Deletion (GDPR)

Firstly Thank you for taking time to read my Dynamics post. My Name Is Alexio Chandiwana and I am a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Solutions Expert.I am not a lawyer so l am not making conclusions but pointing out key GDPR considerations This means that organisations should remove information pertaining to data subjects when: • There is no further requirement to do so, either contractually or legally (i.e. they are no longer required to as part of a statutory instrument) • The subject has withdrawn their consent • It has been identified that data is being held which is at odds with an organisations policies or primary business activities Article 5 extends this further by making it clear that data which you are unable to keep sufficiently accurate should be “erased…without delay”. To avoid this scenario would require the need to regularly contact the data subject concerned to verify their details are correct. One of the major “get out of jail free” cards that GDPR provides surro